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Why do car manufacturing need laser processing

Views:6     Author:Cora     Publish Time: 2021-02-03      Origin:application of laser cutting machine

After entering the 21st century, in the automobile industry in Japan, the United States and Europe, people are paying more and more attention to maintaining their competitiveness in the market, especially R&D capabilities. Small batch production and customized production have become a development direction. This production method combines the advantages of manual manufacturing and mass production, while avoiding the disadvantages of excessive manual production costs and lack of flexibility in mass production.

Under these conditions, manufacturers of laser processing equipment must continue to innovate their products and maintain their product competitiveness. In the design, they must not only meet the needs of the current automotive panel processing applications, but also To prepare for the future development of users, that is, to provide reasonable solutions in advance for the small batch production mode. In recent years, users of the automobile body industry have shown strong demands for the performance improvement of equipment in the following three aspects: faster processing speed, larger processing range, flexibility, compact structure, and simple operation.

laser processing car manufactur

As people's requirements for car comfort and safety are getting higher and higher, gradually increasing body size, considering the use of four-wheel drive technology, adding more electronic equipment, etc. have become a development trend in the automotive industry, and all These will inevitably increase the weight of the vehicle and lead to a contradiction with the goal of reducing fuel consumption. The only solution is to reduce the weight of the vehicle body without affecting performance. This can be verified from the current extensive use of high-pressure forming parts and high-hard steel materials in the field of automobile bodywork.

Internal high pressure molding is to make the outer wall of the hollow part (mainly tubular part) in the mold completely close to the mold through high pressure emulsion (water and additives). The parts produced by this method have high forming accuracy and light weight, and can form multiple pipes that originally need to be welded at one time, reducing the number of welding times and improving the overall strength. Its good strength-to-weight ratio and low production cost enable It has also been widely used in body and chassis structures. Because the shape of the internal high pressure forming part is very complicated, and there are a certain number of holes and grooves to be cut, it cannot be processed with traditional punching dies. 3D laser cutting is currently one of the best solutions.

The high-hard steel material has extremely high internal tension, so the elastic deformation is very small, and it is very suitable for use in the parts of the car body that require high strength, such as bumper brackets, front beams, side beams, and stiffeners. Under the same strength requirements, the weight of high-hard steel is much lighter than normal steel, and many welding procedures can be reduced. Therefore, the weight of the car body can be effectively reduced under the premise of ensuring safety. Because of this, parts of this material can hardly be processed by traditional die cutting methods, and the only solution is 3D laser cutting.

As a multi-disciplinary advanced thermal cutting equipment, the laser cutting machine integrates computer numerical control technology, high-precision mechanical transmission, and advanced laser applications. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, non-contact, and pollution-free. In today's automobile lightweight trend, the prospects are bound to become more and more broad.

For the automobile manufacturing industry, the application of laser cutting technology has promoted industrial upgrading. For the entire manufacturing industry, laser cutting technology has promoted the globalization and intellectualization of Chinese manufacturing. As the global manufacturing center shifts to China, my country's demand for laser cutting machines is also increasing. The laser cutting industry grew out of nothing and has now developed to a certain scale. Laser cutting machines are not only used in the automobile manufacturing market, but the market potential in other application fields is also unlimited.

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