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What kind of laser cutting machine should choose for cutting high reflective materials?

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The fiber laser cutting machine is divided into two steps when cutting the plate: perforating and cutting. With the development of the transportation industry, the amount of high-reflective materials such as aluminum alloys is increasing. Therefore, how to achieve fast and stable cutting of high-reflective materials is a problem faced by all laser cutting machine manufacturers.

To achieve fast and stable cutting of highly reflective materials, the most critical step is "piercing". The faster the punching, the smaller the impact, so the shorter the punching time when cutting high-reflection materials, the better. Therefore, a laser beam with a small spot and high energy density at the spot is needed.

cut high reflective materials

Compared with multi-mode lasers, single-mode lasers have smaller fiber core diameter, smaller spot size, and higher concentrated energy. They are the best choice for cutting high-reflection materials and have the following advantages:

1: Single-mode laser has a thinner core, and the beam quality is better than that of multi-mode

2: The single-mode laser has high reliability, and the more complex the multi-mode laser mode circuit, the higher the damage rate

3: Single-mode lasers are easier to repair

4: Small size and more power saving

Manufacturers that can do multi-mode lasers may not be able to do single-mode lasers, so when cutting high-reflective materials, single-mode continuous lasers are the preferred choice.

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