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What is the difference between fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine?

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In recent years, the competition around "intelligence" has become increasingly fierce, which is catalysing great changes in the production methods of the manufacturing industry. With this opportunity, laser cutting machines have become widely used processing equipment in the industrial field. "Fiber laser cutting machine" has gradually replaced CO2 laser cutting machine due to its superior performance and has become the mainstream equipment for industrial processing. What are the differences between fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine, and what are the advantages?

fiber laser cutting machine

There are many types of laser cutting machines, which are suitable for different enterprises. Common types of laser cutting machines include carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, YAG fixed laser cutting machine, disc laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.Main market positioning: 6-25mm thick plate cutting processing is mainly aimed at large and medium-sized enterprises and some laser cutting processing enterprises that are purely external processing. 

YAG solid laser cutting machine,Main market positioning: cutting below 8mm, mainly for self-use small and medium-sized enterprises and most users in sheet metal manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, decoration and decoration, advertising and other industries whose processing requirements are not particularly high. 

Disc laser cutting machine,Main market positioning: cutting below 25mm, especially high-quality cutting of medium and thick plates, mainly for foreign processing or processing of non-ferrous metals. 

The fiber metal laser cutting machine is not only suitable for the cutting of 6-25mm medium and thick plates, but also for high-quality cutting of medium and thick plates below 25mm. It is also suitable for manufacturers with higher processing accuracy and efficiency requirements.

Below we mainly look at the fiber metal laser cutting machine. What is the difference between the fiber laser cutting machine and the CO2 laser cutting machine?

CO2 laser cutting machine

1. Different luminous media

CO2 laser cutting machine, gas is the medium that generates the laser beam, and the beam is transmitted through the mirror. Fiber lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables. Multiple diode pumps generate laser beams, which are then transmitted to the laser cutting head through flexible fiber optic cables, instead of transmitting the beams through mirrors.

2. The appearance of fiber laser cutting machine is more compact

Due to the different laser transmission structure, the fiber laser cutting machine with the same power in appearance and size is more compact than the CO2 laser cutting machine, thereby saving workshop space.

3. The conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting machine is higher

With fiber laser complete solid-state digital module and single design, fiber laser cutting machine has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than carbon dioxide laser cutting. The actual utilization rate of each power supply unit of CO2 laser cutting machine is about 8% to 10%, while for fiber laser cutting machine, this value is about 25% to 30%. The overall energy consumption of fiber laser cutting system is more than that of carbon dioxide cutting. The system is about 3 to 5 times less, which increases the energy efficiency to more than 86%.

4. The processing effect of fiber laser cutting machine is better

Fiber laser has the characteristics of short wavelength, which improves the absorption of the cutting material to the beam, and enables cutting such as brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials. When cutting materials up to 6mm thick, the cutting speed of a 1.5kW fiber laser cutting machine is equivalent to that of a 3kW carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

5. The maintenance cost of fiber laser cutting machine is lower

CO2 laser cutting machine uses gas as the luminous medium. Due to the purity of the CO2 gas, the resonant cavity will be contaminated and needs to be cleaned regularly. The reflector needs to be maintained and calibrated, so the daily maintenance workload is greater. For a multi-kilowatt CO2 laser cutting machine, this item requires at least US$20,000 per year. In summary, fiber laser cutting is more environmentally friendly and convenient in the daily maintenance of equipment.

For questions about laser cutting machines and CO2 laser cutting machines, welcome to consult datolaser. It is our responsibility to serve every machine demander.



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