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The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine

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Flame cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, wire cutting and punch processing are the typical ways of cutting techniques, etc. As an emerging process approach in recent years, laser cutting is to irradiate a laser beam on the workpiece to be treated with a high energy density. It is heated and melted partly, and then the slag is blasted off to form a slit by high-pressure steam.

laser cutting machine

The following advantage come from laser cutting machine:

1. The kerf is narrow, the accuracy is high, and the kerf's roughness is fine. There is no requirement for additional processing after cutting in the following process.

2. The laser processing system itself is a computer system that can be easily organized and changed and is ideal for specialized processing, especially in the case of some sheet metal components with complicated contour forms, which have more batches and small batches, and which do not have a long product life cycle. From an infrastructure, economic cost and time standpoint, manufacturing molds is not cost-effective, and laser cutting is especially helpful.

3. The laser processing energy density is high, the time of operation is short, the region impacted by heat is small, the thermal deformation is small, and the thermal stress is small. In addition, the laser is non-mechanical touch processing, which is suitable for precise processing and has no mechanical tension on the workpiece.

4. The laser's high energy level is sufficient to melt any metal and is particularly ideal for processing some hard-to-process materials with high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point.

5. The cost of manufacturing is minimal. One-time machine expenditure is more costly, but ongoing and large-scale manufacturing ultimately decreases each part's processing costs.

6. The laser, with low inertia and fast processing power, is non-contact processing. Programming with the CNC system's CAD/CAM software is time-saving and easy, and the total performance is good.

7. The laser has a high level of automation, can be completely sealed, has no emissions, and has low noise, which dramatically increases the operator's working environment.

laser cutting sample

The cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine
Fiber lasers are actually expected to be among the most cost-effective metal cutting lasers, and their service life can be as long as tens of thousands of hours. In addition to human factors, even under long-term operating strain, the system's failure rate itself is small during use. Any vibration or other adverse effects will not be created. It saves a lot of repair costs relative to the normal maintenance of the mirror and resonant cavity of the CO2 laser device.

At the same time, as laser cutting has a high dressing potential and adapts to changes in manufacturing capability, no further polishing, deburring, finishing and other treatments are needed for the processed workpiece, which saves further labor and processing costs from the point of view of production, significantly increasing production quality.

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