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Laser cutting machine helps the development of agricultural machinery

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According to reports, China has now become the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing and application country, and the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is in a stage of rapid development.

Agricultural mechanization makes the process of farming hardly require high-intensity physical labor. The physical links such as plowing, soil preparation, fertilizing, spraying pesticides, and harvesting have all ended mechanization, which can effectively improve the power of agricultural production and promote agricultural development.

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Therefore, agricultural mechanization has always been an important direction in the development of China's agriculture. With the support of national policies, the agricultural machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and agricultural machinery and equipment are developing in the direction of diversification and automation. The increasing demand for the development of new agricultural machinery products has also put forward new requirements on the manufacturing process of agricultural machinery. The use of laser cutting machines has accelerated the modernization of China's agricultural machinery.

The agricultural machinery processing parts are mostly sheet metal parts, and the commonly used is punch processing, which requires a large amount of punch molds. The mold making process is complicated, the manufacturing cycle is long, the cost is high, and it is not conducive to the research and development of new products. It is only suitable for mass production, and single-piece and small-batch production is subject to certain restrictions.

In comparison, the processing advantages of metal laser cutting machines are more significant

High processing accuracy

Traditional processing methods require positioning, and there may be positioning deviations that affect the accuracy of the workpiece. The laser cutting machine adopts an advanced operation control system, and the cutting workpiece can be positioned very accurately through professional laser cutting software. Non-contact processing, the cutting process does not damage the surface of the workpiece, the cutting gap is narrow (0.1mm~0.3mm), the heat effect on the position outside the processing point is small, and the sheet metal is not easy to deform.

Not limited by pattern

The laser cutting machine does not need to be programmed, and there is a supporting dedicated programming software. Just import the design drawing, it can automatically generate the program, and realize the cutting of any shape of plate/tube. Large-format plates are processed and formed at one time, no need to consume molds, economical and time-saving.

Conducive to new product development

The laser cutting machine can cut if there is a picture, and the trial production of the workpiece is simple and fast, which is of great help to the replacement of agricultural machinery products. Eliminate mold making time and speed up the development of new products.

Save material

Traditional punching machines will produce a large amount of leftover materials when processing complex circular, arc-shaped and special-shaped parts, which will increase the cost. The automated laser cutting machine can realize automatic typesetting and automatic nesting through cutting software, which fundamentally solves the problem of reusing scraps and plays a key role in reducing costs.

Simple and easy to learn

Punch processing has higher requirements for punch die design and mold making. The laser cutting machine only needs CAD drawing, the cutting control system is easy to learn and use, and the later maintenance of the machine is simple, which can save a lot of labor and maintenance costs.

Safety and environmental protection

Traditional processing has high noise and strong vibration, which is harmful to the health of operators. The laser cutting machine uses high-power density laser beams to process materials, noise-free, vibration-free, and relatively safe. Equipped with dust removal and ventilation system, the emission meets national environmental protection requirements.

Laser cutting machines can create greater production space for agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Agricultural mechanization still has a long way to go, especially in terms of production technology. The use of more advanced laser cutting machines for agricultural machinery manufacturing will help enterprises to emerge in the increasingly fierce market competition.



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