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How to choose a good metal fiber laser cutting machine

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How to choose a good metal fiber laser cutting machine

For the current metal processing enterprises, the metal fiber laser cutting machine is an indispensable basic equipment for modern processing. If you buy the right one, you will get twice the result with half the effort. If you buy the wrong one, you will have various troubles. We are faced with a wide variety of metal laser cutting machine brands, how can we buy a laser cutting machine that is easy to use and cost-effective?

Buyers must be clear about what materials they are buying laser cutting machines for, or what industries, what is the thickness of the cutting materials, and what are the specifications of the capping materials; choose a manufacturer with a good reputation for on-site inspections, and the price of the machine , Skills training, payment methods, after-sales service, etc. to conduct more detailed discussions; the choice of laser cutting machine configuration, we also need to pay special attention when purchasing. Laser cutting machines will inevitably encounter problems in use. Whether manufacturers can provide timely solutions is particularly important. This is also an important factor that users need to consider when purchasing laser cutting machines.

The R&D engineer of datolaser told us that the main movement should be seen from the four aspects of image production, efficiency, blowing situation, and cutting speed.

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For a laser cutting machine, accuracy is the most important attribute. In the process of purchasing, it is best to go directly to the manufacturer’s site to understand the equipment’s condition and see if its actual production situation can meet the requirements of the industry. Production requirements, check the actual production situation of the equipment, wear resistance and life, etc., so as to ensure the purchase of a cutting machine that is more suitable for production and processing needs.

Whether the cutting is accurate enough or not, we distinguish it from the smoothness of the image lines. The performance of a laser cutting machine is the most test of making a good-looking graphic pattern.

Because of its different power models, laser cutting machines can cut sheet materials and thicknesses. Seeing what kind of board a laser cutting machine is suitable for can also help identify the quality.

In the actual processing of fiber laser cutting machines, there will be a variety of different pursuits. Of course, this will also affect their quality. Some materials may have to be blown more or less, and this can have us The desired result, so if the material is not used in the production process, it is ok. Sometimes it is necessary to blow the air according to the entire material, so that the desired effect can be achieved.

Laser cutting machines of different qualities also have differences in cutting speed at any time.

From the above four aspects, the quality of a fiber laser cutting machine can basically be identified. Of course, the laser cutting machine is selected according to the specific material and thickness to be cut, and the maximum value of a laser cutting machine can be exerted.

However, no matter how well a laser cutting machine is done, users will encounter various problems in the process of using it. When encountering unsolvable problems, it is particularly important that the company can provide timely solutions. This is also an important factor that users need to consider when purchasing a laser cutting machine.

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