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How to adjust the fiber laser cutting machine to cut round holes

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Fiber laser cutting machine punching is a very common process in sheet metal laser processing. The cut circle is not round, which involves subsequent parts matching and other issues. They are all processed according to computer drawings. Why is the final cut hole not round? The following factors may affect it.

1. Check the fiber laser cutting machine hardware: whether there are any problems with the beam, lens, nozzle, etc.

2. Check whether the servo motor of the fiber laser cutting machine or the cutting head is loose.

3. Check whether the light intensity of the fiber laser cutting machine is adjusted properly, which causes the end of the sheet metal laser processing to not overlap. Generally, the difference between the maximum light intensity and the minimum light intensity should not exceed 5%, and the speed should not be adjusted too much Fast. If it is too fast, frames may be skipped and the result will not overlap.

4. The blowing air pressure is not suitable. During the blowing process, when the air pressure is too low, the edge scraping and carbonization phenomenon in the sheet metal laser processing will occur, and the pressure is too high and it is easy to burst. Therefore, this requires the perfect cooperation between the sheet metal master and the fiber laser cutting machine, and select the appropriate air pressure based on experience to make the cut round hole more full.

5. Check whether the servo motor parameters are wrong. The circular hole sometimes appears elliptical or irregular. This is related to the mismatch of the XY axis movement, and the direct cause of the XY axis movement is not adjusted properly. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine sheet metal laser processing round hole quality also has certain requirements for the servo motor.

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6. The guide rail and lead screw are caused by precision errors. The precision error of the guide rail and the lead screw of the fiber laser cutting machine will directly cause the precision of the round hole to not reach the expected. This is related to the strength of the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. In the actual sheet metal laser processing process, the quality and effect of laser drilling will be poor, which will affect the added value of the product. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose high-quality and large-brand fiber laser cutting machines.

7. The round hole is too small. The best solution for cutting round holes with fiber laser cutting machine is round hole ratio 1:1, which means that the ratio of aperture to plate thickness is 1:1. Of course, this ratio, which means that the larger the aperture, the higher the quality Round holes are easier. Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the small holes are prone to residual broken points and the round holes are not round.

The above is the solution that can be taken when the fiber laser cutting machine cuts the round hole. If you want to learn more about laser cutting machines, you can follow datolaser. We will update relevant information about laser cutting machines from time to time.




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