DTM-S split type fiber laesr marking machine
DTM-S split type fiber laesr marking machine

Split Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Minimalist design
Under the condition of ensuring the performance of
the machine, it adopts the sophisticated and simplified
design, which only takes up a very small space. It is suitable
for any small studio and very convenient to move.

Lasers have multiple options

Different brands,different laser power are available.

20W/30W/50W/100W the higher power,the deeper carving depth.

Application Material
DTM-P Application in
Stainless steel, Ceramics, Plastic, Glass, Stone, Leather, Cloth materials, etc.
Product Inquire

What material do you need to cut(carbon steel , stainless steel . ) Would you give me your email or mobile phone number pls ? I will send you the quotaion.




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