DTF-AT Automatic Loading Tube Laser Cutting Machine
DTF-AT Automatic Loading Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic Loading Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Tube cutting capacity
DTF-T professional pipe fiber cutting machine. It can process all kinds of round,
square, rectangule, oval tube and horn-type pipe with max.
Cutting diameter: round pipe 20-220mm, square pipe 20-160mm;
Running speed is 140m/min, working idle speed is 170r/min, high efficient and time saving.

Intelligent recognition 

With contour recognition system, it can automatically 
identify standard round, oval, square and other special-shaped pipes. 
Tubes realize non-inductive and high-efficiency detection, 
and realize the position deviation of the whole meter section’s 
cutting accuracy within 0.15mm.

Industrial Machine bed 


Casting iron bed 

Flake graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength of which is 200MPa. High carbon content, high compressive strength and high hardness. Strong shock absorption and wear resistance. Low thermal sensitivity and bed gap sensitivity reduce the loss of equipment in using. 


Lifetime service 

It ensures the accuracy of the machine working for a long time, and it will not deform during its lifetime use. 


Higher precision 

Casting iron body has high stability .It is unmatched by other materials and structures. The use of graphite cast iron as a raw material keeps the precision of the machine tool for a long time and remains unchanged for 50 years. The rough, fine and super-fine of the imported gantry machining center guarantee the machining accuracy requirements of the machine body.

Automatic clamping
Automatic clamping
The front and rear are equipped with fully automatic pneumatic chuck.
The diagonal adjustable range is 20-220mm.
Automatic support bracket
Support different types of pipes intelligently,
The problem of long pipe deformation is solved

Laser Cutting head


Various brands of laser head are available
We can provide all high quality laser heads on the market. 
It's been tested by us for a long time.Raytools/WSX all of our long-term partners.

The closed-loop stepping motor is adopted to effectively avoid step loss. 

The focusing speed is 100 mm/s and the repetition accuracy is 1μM. IP65 

class dust-proof, patent protection mirror cover plate, dust-proof without dead angle.


Multiple protection
3 pieces of protection lens, highly effective protection of collimating focus lens. 

2-way optical water cooling, effectively extending the continuous working time.

Application Material
DTF-AT Application in
Stainless steel, Aluminum, Carbon steel, Copper material, etc.
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