DTC-Mi mini laser engraving machine
DTC-Mi mini laser engraving machine

Mini Laser Engraving Machine

Small size, full function
Desktop design, takes up very little space Laser machine
has all functions, which could engrave and cut materials,
and equipped with fan chiller, lifting table, etc
Faster and low noise
High rigidity material ensures straightness.
Zero clearance between slide block and guide rail
ensures smooth and quiet high-speed movement,
fast acceleration and deceleration response.


Multiple brands available

Strictly select laser tube supplier to ensure stable output and 
long service life of laser tube
Longer life 

DTC series

CO2 laser machine

is driven by high-quality synchronous belt, the tooth surface

is made of nylon with high wear resistance, and glass fiber 

inside ensures good resistance to twists and turns and low elongation.
WIFI control
Convenient- Engineers can remotely control computers
and machines, adjust parameters and solve problems.
Efficiency- One PC can control several machines.
Application Material
DTC-Mi Application in
Acrylic,Laminate,Leather,Glass,Wood materials,etc.
Product Inquire

What material do you need to cut(carbon steel , stainless steel . ) Would you give me your email or mobile phone number pls ? I will send you the quotaion.



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