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Cleaning operation specification of laser cutting machine lens

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The lenses used in the laser cutting machine include focusing lenses, protective lenses, etc., and it is inevitable that they will be polluted during the work process, such as water pollution or dust pollution.

fiber laser cutting machine

Therefore, the laser lens needs to be cleaned during daily maintenance to ensure the stability of the laser cutting machine. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the lens. The following editor will explain the correct cleaning method of the laser lens in the laser cutting machine.

In the process of cleaning the lens, the only purpose is to remove the contaminants of the lens, and not to cause further pollution and damage to the lens. During the installation and cleaning of the lens, any sticky matter, or even oil drops on the nails, will Increase the absorption rate of the lens and reduce the service life. Therefore, the following precautions must be taken:

laser cutting machine lens

1. Do not install the lens with bare fingers. Wear finger cots or rubber gloves.

2. Do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratches on the lens surface.

3. Don't touch the film when taking the lens, take the edge of the lens.

4. The lens of the laser cutting machine should be placed in a dry and tidy place for inspection and cleaning. A good workbench should have several layers of cleaning paper towels and several sheets of lens cleaning tissue on the surface.

5. The user should avoid talking above the lens and keep food, beverages and other potential pollutants away from the work environment.

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