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Application of laser cutting machine in the field of metal furniture

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life.

The light luxury style emerging in the home furnishing industry is very popular and favored by people. The embellishment of metal elements, combined with modern cutting and hollowing technology, injects a light and luxurious atmosphere into the space. Brightly colored alloy materials, tough lines, and fashionable designs satisfy people's pursuit of furniture art. Light luxury high-end furniture is especially sought after by the younger generation.

Therefore, many domestic furniture industry manufacturers incorporate more metal elements in product design. Such as metal lamps, furniture metal edging, metal screens, metal decorative artwork, etc.

High-end furniture is undoubtedly another market for the furniture industry. How to stand out in the fierce market competition?

The first thing to be solved is the processing problem of furniture hardware. In order to meet the market's pursuit of diversification and individualization of furniture styles, metal furniture generally uses metal plates and pipes. Traditional processing methods are time-consuming, costly and difficult to guarantee. Many furniture industry manufacturers have begun to consider introducing laser cutting machines for processing.

Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has the advantages of fast speed, good quality, high precision, safe and easy operation. No matter how complicated the pattern is, you only need to import the design drawings to cut. Greatly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

tube cutting machine sample

Recommended equipment: sheet and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine

sheet tube laser cutting machine

It can meet the needs of cutting board and pipe at the same time, with various cutting styles. The dual-platform automatic exchange system, the platform exchanges after 10-15 seconds, the rapid exchange between the two platforms greatly improves the work efficiency and meets the market's production needs for all-in-one cutting.

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