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Application of laser cutting machine in petroleum slotted sieve tube

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In oil drilling operations, the production of sand from the oil layer will reduce the output of the oil well. The screen is an important tool for sand control, and it is often used for early completion or oil production to prevent sand. Slotted screen is a high-strength alloy steel casing that cuts gaps distributed according to a certain rule. The slit cross-sections are mainly rectangular and trapezoidal. Slotted screen is the most commonly used sand control tool in mechanical sand control.

petroleum slotted sieve tube

In the past, screen slits were mainly processed by milling cutters. The material of milling cutters is high-speed steel, which has poor hardness, slow cutting speed, thin blades, easy damage during cutting, and the width of the slit is limited by the thickness of the cutter, making it difficult to process slits smaller than 0.3mm. And milling cutter slitting can only process rectangular slit screens, but not trapezoidal slit screens.

Later, the gap of the grinding wheel also had the problem that the gap of the milling cutter was difficult to cross. The width of the gap was limited by the thickness of the grinding wheel, and it could only cut straight rectangular gaps, and it was difficult to cut gaps less than 0.3mm.

It was not until the emergence of laser cutting technology that technical difficulties in the processing of trapezoidal seams and ultra-fine seams were gradually solved.

The laser cutting screen is a cutting method that uses a focused ultra-high-density laser beam to irradiate the pipe to melt or vaporize the metal material instantly, and then use high-pressure gas to blow off the melt and residue, thereby realizing a cutting method.

Compared with traditional mechanical processing methods, the laser cutting machine cutting screen is a non-contact processing, there is no problem of tool wear and cutting noise, it can accurately produce trapezoidal and curved gaps, the gap can reach 0.1mm, and the gap width Rules, no slag in the seam, no need for secondary processing. It has the advantages of high processing accuracy, high processing efficiency and wide processing range. At present, the laser cutting machine has been accepted and put into production by a wide range of screen processing companies, which has better realized the mass production of slotted screens.

Recommended equipment laser cutting machine

tube laser cutting machine

The contour recognition system can automatically recognize standard circles, ellipses, squares and other special-shaped pipes. Really realize non-inductive and efficient detection, with many technical advantages such as high configuration, good cutting efficiency, low operating cost and stable performance.

The humanized design of the whole machine improves the cutting efficiency while making the best use of the raw materials, reducing production costs and realizing "0" tailings. At the same time, it has advanced cutting technology, the cut surface of the workpiece is clean and smooth, without burrs, no slag, and high pass rate. It can easily solve the problem of oil screen cutting.



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