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Working environment of laser cutting machine

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What are the requirements for the working environment of the fiber laser cutting machine?

A: In the actual use of fiber laser cutting machine, the working environment is also a major factor affecting its processing efficiency.

Over time will also affect the service life of the laser cutting equipment, but these are often ignored by customers. In a "hard" environment.

In the process of using the fiber laser cutting machine, there are three requirements for the working environment.

1. Environmental humidity

Most machine tools and fiber laser cutting machine parts are metal, which can not be processed in a humid climate. A series of equipment failures, such as rusting of the system and no laser light, will cause excessive humidity. As a consequence, the equipment for the fiber laser cutting system was shut down and the progress of processing was affected.

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2. The power is stable. 

The fiber laser cutting machine uses electricity as the power during the use process. As a high-end sheet metal processing equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine must have a stable voltage and current during processing, so as to avoid unstable current causing the fiber Laser cutting machine equipment failure, affecting the service life.

3. Pay attention to static electricity

In addition to ensuring that the temperature and temperature are within the normal range, the fiber laser cutting machine must also be aware that the working environment cannot have electrostatic fields and other phenomena to avoid errors that affect the laser light path.

During the use of fiber laser cutting machine, daily maintenance is indispensable, and details such as the working environment used should not be careless, so that fiber laser cutting equipment can maximize its use value.



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