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Why can't the fiber laser cutting machine process superalloys?

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Laser cutting technology has been widely used in the field of metal processing, and fiber laser cutting machines are often used to cut various metal materials. However, there are also some special metal materials that cannot be completed with a fiber laser cutting machine, among which high-temperature alloys are one of them, because errors are prone to occur during cutting and it is difficult to ensure cutting accuracy. How about the fiber laser cutting machine cannot process high temperature alloys? Dato Laser shares are as follows:

In laser cutting, the laser light emitted by the laser is focused by a lens to form a very small spot at the focal point. The workpiece at the focal point is irradiated by the laser spot with high power density, which will generate a local high temperature above 10000°C, which will cause the workpiece Instantly vaporize, and then cooperate with the auxiliary cutting gas to blow away the vaporized metal, thereby cutting the workpiece into a small hole. With the movement of the CNC machine tool, numerous small holes are connected to form the shape to be cut. Because the frequency of laser cutting is very high, the connection of each small hole is very smooth, and the cut product has a high finish.

Superalloy is a kind of material with high hardness and high temperature resistance. It is difficult to ensure the cutting accuracy when using fiber laser cutting machine to cut. Compared with ordinary steel, what is the difficulty of processing high temperature alloy with fiber laser cutting machine?


Reasons why the fiber laser cutting machine cannot process high-temperature alloys:

1. Poor thermal conductivity of superalloy:

A large amount of heat generated when cutting high-temperature alloys is borne by the oxidizing end, and the cutting end is subjected to cutting high temperatures as high as 600-800°C. Under the action of high temperature and laser cutting, the cut end will be deformed, bonded, diffused and worn, which will affect the workpiece. Processing quality.

2. The machined surface is easy to harden:

For example, the substrate hardness of GH4169 superalloy before strengthening treatment is about HRC37. After cutting by the fiber laser cutting machine, a hardened layer of about 0.03mm will be produced on the surface. The hardness increases to about HRC47, and the increase in hardening is as high as 27%. Processing causes surface hardening and oxidation. End life has a great influence, usually causing severe boundary wear;

3. Processing high-temperature alloys requires a large cutting force:

The strength of high-temperature alloy is more than 30% higher than that of commonly used alloy steel materials. At cutting high temperatures above 600℃, the strength of nickel-based high-temperature alloy materials is still higher than that of ordinary alloy steel materials. The unit cutting force of unreinforced high-temperature alloy is 4000N/mm2 Above, and ordinary alloy steel only needs 2500N/mm2.

4. Large wear

The main components of nickel-based alloys are nickel and chromium, and a small amount of other elements are added: molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, etc. It is worth noting that tantalum, niobium, tungsten, etc. are also used to make cemented carbide (or high-speed steel) The main components of oxidized tip taps, the use of these oxidized tip taps to process high-temperature alloys will produce diffusion wear and abrasive wear.

The above is the difficulty of fiber laser cutting machine cutting superalloy, and it is also the reason why fiber laser cutting machine cannot process superalloy. I believe that this problem will be effectively resolved in the near future.

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