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Why Metal processing factory prefer fiber laser cutting machines?

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Metal parts are used in a wide range of industries, commonly found in manufacturing industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, communications equipment, and the automotive industry.As more and more manufacturers begin to produce sheet metal parts, the manufacturer's first choice is the fiber laser cutting machine, which is also due to the high precision and high efficiency of the fiber metal laser cutting machine.The fiber laser cutting machine has the following three advantages in the production of sheet metal parts:

exchange platform laser cutting machine

1. Use CNC programming software to improve the efficiency of laser cutting

The fiber laser cutting machine can effectively use the advantages of CNC programming software, greatly improve the utilization rate of the plate, reduce the loss of raw materials, and reduce the work intensity and work intensity of the employees, and achieve satisfactory results. Drive the more effective distribution of cutting plans, effectively improve manufacturing efficiency and save raw materials;


2. Save the time required for product development and maintain mass production of sheet metal parts and accessories

In an increasingly advanced market environment, the speed of product research and development represents the sales market. The use of fiber laser cutting machine can effectively reduce the total number of injection molds used, save the development time of new products, and promote the speed and pace of its research and development. The quality of the parts after laser cutting is excellent, and the work efficiency is greatly improved, which is conducive to the production of mass production. It strongly guarantees the sales market atmosphere that the product development time needs to be reduced, and the use of laser cutting can carry out accurate Precise positioning, laying a solid foundation for future mass production;


3. Reduce the process flow of sheet metal processing plants and reduce product costs

In the operation of the sheet metal processing plant, basically any part needs to be used in the metal laser cutting machine for a forming operation, and the welding can be directly welded. Therefore, the use of the metal laser cutting machine reduces the process and construction period. Effectively improve work efficiency, can maintain the two-way increase and decrease of employee work intensity and production costs, and at the same time promote the improvement of the working environment, greatly improve the speed and progress of research and development, reduce investment in injection molds, and effectively reduce costs;


The above are the three advantages of why sheet metal processing factories prefer metal-to-metal laser cutting machines. Do they have new understanding? Dato is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of optical fiber cutting machines. It is during the New Year's promotion period, come and consult!


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