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What is the reason for the noise of cutting machine

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      The high noise of pipe cutting machine is mainly produced by the high-speed rotating saw blade, namely aerodynamic noise and vibration noise of saw blade, as well as mechanical noise and resonance noise generated by the interaction of the three. Aerodynamic noise mainly includes tooth tip noise, exhaust noise and eddy current noise. When the frequency of eddy current separation is different from the natural frequency of saw blade, it will produce resonance and emit scream, and the noise is the strongest.

  The noise of pipe cutting machine is mainly from the inside of the machine head. The gap between turbine and worm will make these noises. The treatment method is to open the oil seal cover and adjust the locking nut inside to minimize the clearance inside. In this way, the annoying noise can be removed and the running in of the turbine and worm can be reduced at the same time.

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