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What benefits will a good cutting process bring to laser cutting machine users?

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Laser cutting machine to cut good quality, high efficiency, in addition to its own quality, but also related to the cutting process.

At present, laser engineers have developed a variety of cutting technologies, aiming to provide customers with high-efficiency and high-efficiency optical fiber laser cutting machines.

Some laser enterprises have specially developed laser technologies in line with their equipment so as to ensure that their equipment can occupy more markets and gain good profits.

Now simply from the laser common edge cutting process to talk about a good cutting machine process will bring what kind of benefits to users!

Such as a company perennial production profile of straight line, the angle of the same parts, just began to use laser cutting machine does not take into account the need to be covariant cutting process for cutting, for industrial upgrading, the company to buy laser cutting machine, through contrast they purchase Dato laser optical fiber laser cutting machine, choose the reason is that Dato laser equipment with common cutting process, it can not only meet the demand of daily production and can save a lot of time.

Laser common edge cutting means that if the parts to be cut are adjacent, the outline is straight line, and the angle is the same, then it can be combined into a straight line, then the laser equipment only need to cut once to achieve the purpose (do not need the shape of the parts for the rectangle).

The laser common edge cutting process can reduce the cutting length, significantly improve the processing efficiency, not only save the cutting time, but also reduce the number of perforations, increase the benefit is very obvious.


With the continuous update and development of laser technology, more and more laser technology has been developed and put into practical application, realizing the combination of equipment and technology, and completing the intelligent upgrade of the processing industry.

Just like the master in the martial arts novels, only by focusing on the realm of "the unity of man and sword" can one take the lead in the world.

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