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What are the power supply requirements for laser cutting and engraving machines?

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Laser cutting and engraving machines have been widely used in many industries. Since laser engraving machines have inductive components such as switching power supplies, laser power supplies and filters, these components will generate a certain degree of electromagnetic interference during use. In order to ensure the stability of the equipment operation, the laser cutting and engraving machine has requirements for power supply, the following Dato laser introduces:

In order to ensure the stability of the laser cutting and engraving machine, reduce various electromagnetic interference as much as possible, and avoid a series of failures caused by these interferences, the power supply of the laser cutting and engraving machine must meet the following conditions.

The power supply of the laser cutting and engraving machine must meet the following conditions:

1. The voltage is 220V±10V, if it is out of range or unstable, a voltage stabilizer should be installed.

2. The power socket must be wired in accordance with the standard wiring of left'zero' and right'fire'.

3. There is a reliable grounding wire. If there is no reliable grounding, please refer to the following configuration grounding:

1) First find a damp place around the house, dig a 1.5m2×300mm soil surface, then use 2-4 4×35×1500mm angle steel to drive into the soil, and then use 3×30mm flat iron to connect them by electric welding Or connect with 8mm screws (file around the screw hole with a file, and apply a layer of petroleum jelly after tightening the nut), lead to a height of 2 meters from the ground, and bury the grounding net with soil.

2) After laying the grounding net, use a meter to measure its resistance to ground, the standard resistance value is less than 5 ohms

3) After the resistance value is measured, use a RVV2.5mm2 copper core wire to connect one end to the leading end of the grounding grid, and the other end to enter the grounding hole of the socket required by the user's electrical equipment.

4. Tripping caused by static electricity, in the case of confirming that there is no wrong connection and the problem still exists, it is recommended to take the following measures instead of changing the grounding state:

1) Switch to a protector with a slightly larger leakage action current,

2) Switch to a circuit breaker with no leakage current,

3) Install isolation transformers for households.

5. Larger power fans and chillers (single machine greater than 750W) should be powered by a separate socket.


In addition, the laser engraving machine also has certain requirements for the working environment:

1. First of all, avoid strong magnetism, strong electricity and other equipment that seriously affect the signal transmission of the engraving machine. Such as: electric welding machine, launch tower, etc.

2. Secondly, the power supply voltage is required to be stable. Large fluctuations in the voltage will damage the machine. It is recommended to use a voltage stabilizer.

3. Then the machine should use a three-core power supply to ensure that the laser engraving machine is well grounded and reduce other interference.

4. Finally, it is recommended not to work for a long time in a strong acid or alkali environment, in order to damage the machine body and precision parts.

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