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What are the laser cutting machine winter anti - freeze skills

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It's the coldest time of the year again, with temperatures falling below zero in some areas.People to add clothes, laser cutting machine should also pay attention to anti-freezing, in order to avoid laser cutting machine in the cold winter due to damage caused by freezing.This laser cutting machine winter anti - freeze scheme can be a good collection.

The basic principle of anti-freezing laser cutting machine is to make the coolant in laser cutting machine not reach the "freezing point".Well, there are a couple of ways we can do that.

The first method: do not turn off the water cooler after the laser cutting machine does not work.

When the laser cutting machine does not work, do not turn off the water cooler when the power is not cut off.Keep the coolant in a circulating flow state and adjust the normal temperature to about 10℃.The coolant temperature will not reach freezing point, so the laser cutter will not be damaged.

The second method: Empty the cooling liquid in the laser cutting machine

The cooling fluid in each part of the equipment is drained through the outlet of the laser cutting machine.Clean gas is injected to ensure that there is no coolant throughout the water cycle cooling system.This also ensures that the laser cutter will not be harmed by the low temperature.

The third method: Change the coolant in the laser cutting machine

In winter, cars running on the road will replace the anti-freeze liquid used in winter, and the anti-freeze liquid for vehicles can also be added into the equipment.But must choose a big brand of antifreeze, otherwise the antifreeze contains impurities, adhere to the laser and other parts of the pipeline will also cause damage to the equipment.Antifreeze can not replace pure water as a perennial use of ionized water.Be sure to replace them in time after the winter.

The above methods play an important role in the normal operation of laser cutting machine in winter and the safety of equipment.The first two methods are recommended.The method saves time and effort, but it may cause damage to the laser cutting machine if it encounters sudden power failure.Method two is laborious and wasteful.But it is safer and more effective than the other two methods.

Warm reminder:

In the second year, before the laser cutting machine begins to work, start the mechanical equipment, check the whole machine, all kinds of oil, coolant is missing system, to timely supplement and replace, deterioration to find out the reason.To improve the efficiency of laser cutting machine.




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