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The working principle of CO2 laser marking machine

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The CO2 laser marking machine is a carbon dioxide laser marking machine, which is a laser gammery marking machine using CO2 gas as an operating medium. Working medium laser spray mounting system. The CO2 laser is medium, the hydrogen medium and the gas medium, and the CO2 and other auxiliary hydrocarbons are charged through both the discharge tube to add high pressure, Release the pipe and other auxiliary gas into the electrode to apply high pressure to the electrode and to create a glow in the discharge channel. 

                                                        Laser marking machine samplelaser marking machine sample

Discharge, the gas releases the wavelength of the light such that the gas releases the wavelength of 10.64 um laser, The migration beam, the laser energy is amplified, the steam mirror scan and the light energy are amplified, the vascular scanning and the f are amplified. -After the Theta (lens) focuses, after the (lens) focuses, under the controls of the software and the control laser marking card, the picture, text, numbers and lines of the line can be carries out on the workpiece according to the user's requirements.

CO2 laser marking machines can be labelled in an amount of emerging materials and certain metal products such as bamboo products, wood, ABS PVC epoxy resins, silicone, leather, glass, structural ceramics, rubber and more. Widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, product packaging, chemicals, leather goods, leather, timber, crafts, automobiles, communication, watches, glasses, printing and other manufacturing.

The wavelength is 10.64Un, which is easy to absorb most non-metallic materials; high photoelectric conversion efficiency; the laser output mode is essentially the basic mode; the beam intensity is good; It non-contact manufacturing, no mechanical wear and discoloration; no components, low operational cost; high computing power, processing speed is determined in milliseconds; the control is adjustable, synchronized with the automated production line; the speed of progress is simple, the change mark is desirable, no need for mold.

The following is the basic configuration of the Dato CO2 marking machine:

1. CO2 Rf laser source

2. Laser scanner/galvo head/laser head

3. F-theta lens

4. Control board&marking software

5. Computer

6. 3D working table

7. Power supply

Dato CO2 laser marking machine, minimal configuration.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the processor, it adopts a sophisticated and streamlined architecture that only takes up a very sufficient choices. It is perfect for any small studio and is very possible to cheat about.

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