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The use of fiber laser cutting machines in this manner is more worry-free

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During operation, the fiber laser cutting machine utilizes electricity as power. As a high-end sheet metal processing facility, the fiber laser cutting machine must provide a steady voltage and current during processing in order to avoid erratic current from allowing the malfunction of the fiber laser cutting machine to affect service life. It is recommended that consumers be fitted with a controlled power supply, especially in areas where line failures frequently occur. We listed humidity and conductive dust in the working conditions mentioned above. Ventilation is a very natural form of removal.Effective ventilation will help ensure the safe functioning of the cutting machine and the health of the user.


Fiber laser cutting machines are usually recommended for use in a constant temperature setting. The regular operation of the equipment and the processing accuracy of the equipment can only be ensured under constant temperature conditions. The working temperature of the semiconductor in the fiber laser cutting unit must be below 40°C.When the temperature of the room is 35°C, the interior temperature of the electrical cabinet will be more than 40°C. When the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the CNC device can increase; since the fiber laser cutting machine uses liquid water as a cooling medium, such that the working temperature of the laser should remain above 5°C, the ambient temperature should be regulated above 5°C but not higher than 35°C in order to make the system function properly.

While the efficiency of the fiber laser cutting system itself is very good, the operating environment must be up to par in order to produce good performance. Otherwise, as soon as it runs in a position that does not meet the working standards, it will not only affect the operational performance of the machinery, but will also result in losses. In the long-term cutting process, if there is no successful removal of dust, the conductive dust can affect the health of the operator. In addition, if the electrical cabinet is not locked, the dust enters the electrical cabinet and collects on the circuit board or module, causing damage to the electrical components. High-voltage components in particular.

In addition to ensuring that the temperature and humidity are within the normal range, it is often important to pay attention to the operating area that there is no electrostatic magnetic field and other phenomena to prevent disrupting the laser light direction and creating errors. Since the laser cutting system is turned off at high temperature and high humidity, the water molecules in the air can induce condensation on the circuit board of the power supply or the moving unit. Once it operates again, the condensation on the circuit board can quickly cause a short circuit. Malfunction of the unit.

Therefore, when installing a fiber laser cutting machine, it is advised to install the fiber laser cutting machine in a location that meets the above working conditions in order to help avoid the interference of any external environmental factors, thereby reducing the frequency of failure of the equipment and reducing output. Price, increase the performance of the equipment, prolong the service life of the associated parts of the equipment and provide a better benefit for usage.



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