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The safeguards of new laser cutting machine

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What are the safeguards for using laser cutting machine newly purchased?

Users are especially concerned about how to properly use this equipment after buying a new laser cutting machine. So we are here to demonstrate to you how the laser cutting system can be used better.

1. Acceptance: 

Check if the product is the product you bought, check if the product is damaged during transport, and verify that all components are full and if there is damage. If there is any transportation injury, model inconsistency of laser cutting machine, missing parts, etc., please contact datolaser in time after-sales service.

2. Laser cutting machine installation and installation requirements: 

The equipment should be mounted in a dry, well-ventilated setting, and the ambient temperature is between + 4°C and + 33°C; keep it away from vibration to ensure good cutting quality; the ground where the equipment is placed must be flat; the bed height gap, optical fiber system and other parts should not exceed.

3. Trained after-sales engineer training: 

The after-sales engineer can demonstrate to you the professional knowledge of installing equipment, changing specifications, regular maintenance and maintenance, so that laser cutting can be used better.You can consult after-sales technicians if you have specific questions.

laser Service

Maintenance of the laser cutting machine in operation is connected to the state of the machine you are using, the cutting impact of the machine, and the life of the components of the machine. 

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