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Protective Surrounded Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table - Datolaser

Views:10     Author:Cora     Publish Time: 2021-03-08      Origin:high power laser cutting machine

Today, there is a strong demand for high-power laser cutting machines, and more and more people in the metal fabrication industry are opting for completely sealed laser cutting machines with exchange tables and safe covers. We're sharing the newest modern generation laser cutting machine with you, and we've made some improvements:

1. First, it complies with CE standards, is completely sealed with a safety lock, and is hence more environmentally friendly and safer for consumers.

2. Second, an exchange table will save a lot of time while loading and unloading, making the process more efficient.

3. Third, install two exhaust fans to remove smoke from the top and bottom, resulting in a stronger, more environmentally friendly outcome.

4. Sliding doors, as opposed to outwardly opening doors, will conserve energy.

5. Modularized blade, which is easy to adjust and has a large bearing power.

There are a few other benefits to the DTF-PE fiber laser cutting unit.

1. Separated control cabinet makes dismantling the distribution system simpler. Installation is also simple.

2. Standard specifications have two holes for connecting exhaust fans, one on the enclosure and the other on the unit shell. Customers can also get two exhaust fans.

3. Angle steel splicing was used for the front and back bed sewing. It also has two fixed supports. These enhancements mean that the exchange table is more stable. Furthermore, the exchange time will take up to 15 seconds.

exchange platform

4. The table frame limit is all of the same kind, and it is located at the front and back bed ends. It would be easier to adapt faster.

5. The cylinder down-stroke press lock secures the current model table case. Fixing is more accurate and efficient, and it can also be modified.

6. Add a reference frame to the exchange table chain to ensure that it runs more smoothly.

7. Standard specifications Two displays are used. The architecture of the controller and display is much improved.

8. The new build enclosure is made up of just a few components and is very simple to assemble. Each component includes wheels and a guide frame.

9. There is enough room to walk within the enclosure, and it is simple to maintain.

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