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Processing sheet metal-the frontier of applications for laser cutting technology

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Nowadays, Datolaser proposes a "three-year warranty" program, breaking the quality assurance routine of the laser industry, and offering more product services and added value to consumers.

3 years warranty

We have been providing the world with high-quality laser cutting equipment and complete technical services for more than ten years, including construction machinery, automobiles, machine tools, ships, locomotives, petroleum machinery, aerospace, military, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, grain machinery, electrical appliances, elevators and other fields of application.

Processing with sheet metal


The metal cutting market has become extremely hot with the rapid growth of the sheet metal processing industry, practically driving the creation of the fiber laser cutting machinery industry. In the face of multi-variety, small-batch, personalized, high-quality, and short-delivery orders, traditional sheet metal processing technology has clear shortcomings. A new processing method is desperately required to replace it in the highly competitive world of the entire industry, and laser processing technology has originated in a sheet metal workshop.

High precision, high speed, versatile manufacturing, etc. have the advantages of the laser cutting system, which has been the growth path of sheet metal processing technology and has a trend to replace CNC punching and shearing equipment.

Why are more and more businesses preferring sophisticated fiber laser cutting machines? With the rapid advancement of technology today, the leading position in the market can be effectively occupied only by continuous improvement and following the development of the times. First of all, we all know the high accuracy, fast speed, and narrow slit of the fiber laser cutting unit, so the cut surface is smooth and free of burrs. Second, the heat-affected region is limited since the slit is very narrow and does not directly touch the surface of metal materials. Touch, so the workpiece has very little mechanical deformation.

The fiber laser cutting machine use range is therefore becoming more and more broad, and the effect of the application is remarkable. It is possible to easily, reliably and cost-effectively cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheets, iron and other metal materials.



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