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Procedures for running a laser cutting machine in a safe manner

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1. Follow the laser CNC equipment's general safety activity regulations. Start the laser machine following the laser machine initialization process to the letter.

2. Operators must be familiar with the equipment's structure and efficiency, as well as possess a thorough understanding of the operating system.

3. Protective clothing must be worn in accordance with laws, and protective lenses must be worn near the laser beam.

4. Don't process a sample until it's really transparent.


1. When the machine is turned on, the operator must not quit the post to be taken care of without permission. However, if you do go, turn off the system or turn off the control switch.

2. Keep a fire extinguisher handy; switch off the laser or shutter while not in use; and stay away from the unprotected laser beam with paper, fabric, or other flammable items.

3. If an abnormality is discovered during testing, the computer should be turned off right away, and the problem should be fixed or confirmed to the boss.

4. Keep the laser, the bed, and the surrounding area tidy, tidy, and oil-free, stacking workpieces, covers, and waste materials as required.

5. Avoid crushing the welding wires by using gas cylinders to avoid leakage injuries. Gas cylinders should be used and transported in accordance with gas cylinder supervision legislation. Exploding gas cylinders in the sun or near heat sources is prohibited. The user must stand on the side of the bottle mouth when opening the bottle valve.

6. When servicing high-voltage equipment, follow all high-voltage safety requirements. Regulations and procedures to be followed every 40 hours of service or weekly maintenance, every 1,000 hours of operation or every six months of maintenance.


1. Manually start the computer in the X and Y directions at low speed after it has started, and check for any abnormalities.

2. When you've entered the latest component software, try it out to make sure it works.

3. As running, keep a close eye on the machine tool's action to prevent injuries caused by the cutting machine going out of its successful stroke range or two collisions.

Since a laser cutting machine costs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, you must pay attention to it when it is in use, and you should usually pay attention to repairs and maintenance to extend the equipment's operating life, save money, and generate more benefits.

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