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Mold Cleaning using a Handheld Laser Cleaner

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Mold is an integral part of the tire vulcanization process. Since the vulcanization of rubber necessitates a high temperature. After coking at a high temperature for a long time, some oil and chemicals left in the mold can shape stubborn dirt. As a result, it is essential to clean the mold on a regular basis in order to maintain the cleanliness of its form. Handheld Laser Cleaner is a modern high-tech surface cleaning tool that is simple to set up, use, and automate. Why do you use a laser cleaning machine to clean mold?

The laser cleaning machine is simple to use. Simply switching on the electricity and the machinery. It will concentrate automatically and clean the surface thoroughly, removing the surface wax, grease, stains, dirt, embroidery turbidity, powder, coating, and paint.

laser cleaning sample

Laser cleaner features include:

1. Independent research and development to achieve an advanced international standard

2. Non-contact washing, on the other hand, does not damage the parts matrix.

3. Finally, precision cleaning is simple to do, allowing for selective cleaning of precise location and height.

4. In addition, there is no solvent washing agent, no consumables, and the atmosphere is protected.

5. Most notably, it is simple to use. It can be used by hand or in conjunction with a 3D robot arm to perform automatic cleaning.

6. Aside from that, high cleaning productivity saves time.

7. Last but not least, the laser cleaning machine is reliable and needs no maintenance.

Above all, if you need any additional information about laser cleaning machines, please contact Datolaser.

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