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Let's talk about the types of laser marking machines

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The most popular laser marking machines on the market are fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines and CO2 laser marking machines. Almost all laser marking uses can be covered by these three kinds of laser marking systems.

The basic concepts and working standards vary depending on the implementation areas. UV laser marking systems are about three times more expensive than fiber laser marking systems. Let us now explain the distinctions between fiber laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines.

1. A Comparison of Laser Generators and Their Principles of Operation

Laser labeling unit with UV light: It's made with a 355nm UV laser. In comparison to infrared lasers, the system uses third-order cavity frequency multiplication technology. The focusing spot for 355nm UV light is incredibly thin. As a result, the material's mechanical deformation is significantly reduced, and the manufacturing thermal effect is minimal.

The wavelength of the laser used in this fiber laser labeling unit is 1064nm. The shorter the wavelength of laser light, the more efficient it is. The smaller and more precise the laser location, the better. The less heat influenced zone created during manufacturing, the better.The finer the processing effect, the better. In addition, the operating methods of UV laser marking machines and other laser marking devices vary.

For CO2 laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines, in general. They are the laser's physical labeling techniques. UV laser labeling devices, on the other hand, use chemical processing techniques. To phase, primarily photochemical reactions are used. The distinction between these two processing approaches is that laser physical processing methods are used to process products and structures on their surfaces. The interior of the commodity material can be laser-drilled for processing using the laser chemistry processing system.

2. UV Laser Marking System Advantages Over Fiber Laser Marking System UV lasers have shorter wavelengths than visible wavelengths and are also invisible to the naked eye. While you can't see these laser rays, it's because of their short wavelengths that the UV laser can focus more accurately and provide exceptionally fine circuit characteristics while maintaining excellent positioning accuracy.

Another critical aspect is that, in addition to the low workpiece temperature, ultraviolet light contains high-energy photons, allowing the UV laser to be used in large-scale PCB circuit board assemblies.From popular materials like FR4 to high-frequency ceramic composites, there's enough for everybody. PCB fabrics that are flexible, such as Polyimide and other materials.

Under the influence of six separate lasers, the absorption of three typical PCB materials. Excimer lasers are among the six lasers. Two CO2 lasers and two infrared lasers The ultraviolet laser is a unique laser since it absorbs light uniformly in all three components.

The UV labeling machine is a machine that uses ultraviolet light to identify items.

When used on resin and brass, the UV laser labeling device has a very high absorption rate.

When processing glass, it also has a sufficient absorption rate. When processing these main materials, only the costly excimer laser (wavelength 248 nm) can achieve better overall absorption. UV lasers are the ideal alternative for a range of PCB materials in many industrial applications due to this material distinction. From the simplest circuit boards and wiring to the manufacturing of pocket-sized integrated chips and other specialized methods, we've got you covered.

laser marking machine sample

The UV laser marking machine's computer device communicates with the processing circuit board directly from the computer-aided design results. It means that there is no need for a middleman in the circuit board manufacturing process. UV's accurate focusing skills are combined. The UV laser device will implement a very specific approach and placement that is repeatable. It is possible to describe placement as exact. This is also one of the circuit board industry's standards.

3. Useful applications UV Laser Marking Machine and Fiber Laser Marking Machine Comparison

Fiber laser marking machine: more cost-effective, and capable of marking on almost any metal surface. It is not appropriate for high-precision special material labeling because its beam generates heat.

UV laser marking machine: It's built for the ultra-fine manufacturing market's upper echelon.

Surface branding on bottles for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, film, and other high-molecular products, for example.

The logo is clean and solid, and it is safer than ink coding because there is no waste.

Fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, and other forms of laser marking equipment are available. 

You can choose between portable, micro, laptop, internet flying, and other laser marking equipment. 

Simply tell us what you need and we'll suggest a laser marking system that meets your needs.

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