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Laser welding machine

Leapion laser welding machine can be widely used in metal equipment, stainless steel homeand other industries complex irregular welding process.
$4500.00 - $13000.00 / Set

Welding speed: 0-120mm/s

Welding thickness range: 0.5-0.8MM

Laser output power: 500W/1000W/1500W/2000W

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q Laser Welding Types

    A Different laser welding processes can be classified as follows:
    1. Welding between plates. There are four kinds of welding methods, including butt welding, end welding, central penetration melting welding and central piercing melting welding. Butt welding requires high quality butt joints, and automatic welding or manual welding is generally adopted.
    2. Wire to wire welding. There are four kinds of process methods, including wire to wire butt welding, cross welding, parallel lap welding and T-shaped welding. This kind of welding is generally not suitable for automatic welding, manual welding or semi-automatic welding is adopted.
    3. Welding of metal wire and block component. Laser welding can successfully realize the connection between metal wire and block component, and the size of block component can be arbitrary. In welding, attention should be paid to the geometric dimensions of the wire elements.
    4. Assembly welding and sealing welding of different blocks. Seal welding and assembly welding are carried out on the joints of components, such as sensors.
    5. Repair welding of block objects. Laser welding wire was melted and deposited on the substrate by laser. Generally suitable for mold and other products repair. 
  • Q Laser Welder Features

    A Laser deposit welding
    Repair and modification with reconditioned quality. 
    Spot and seam welding
    From smallest welding spots to continuous seams. 
    Scanner welding
    No time loss by movement of workpieces or processing heads.
    Laser welding of polymers
    Flexible Method for High Strength Connections with Perfect Surfaces.
    Tube and profile welding
    Optimal laser welding of tubes and profiles.
  • Q Laser Welding Benefits

    A Capable of creating complicated joins
    Using laser welding technology you can weld dissimilar materials, as well as areas which would be too difficult to reach using more traditional welding techniques. Laser technology is capable of handling complicated joins. 
    Ultimate precision
    One of the main benefits of Laser welding is that it offers a high level of accuracy and control. Laser welder can be used to weld the smallest of parts together without any damage.
    Low heat application
    Laser welding technology adopts a low heat application, it minimises the distortion of the components. This is why it is the preferred method of laser welding for those creating luxury products, such as bespoke jewellery. Laser beams use very localised energy, allowing for contact-free application which results in less thermal strain being placed on the parts. 
    High strength welds
    Laser technology allows manufacturers to make high strength welds. There is no need for a filler material to be used. Lasers provide excellent weld quality and clean processing, which is why they are favoured by manufacturers, particularly in the medical industry where the safety of medical devices and parts is paramount. 
    Consistent and repeatable welds
    Manufacturers choose laser welders as their number one choice of welding method as it allows for consistent and repeatable welds to be made. It is a high speed welding technique than other more traditional techniques, and is also much more versatile. The same laser can be used for cutting and engraving too. The laser welders allow for excellent repeatability and are so versatile helps businesses make significant unit cost reductions.
  • Q Laser Welder Applications

    A The laser welding machine has a wide application range, which covers finest welding of non-porous seams in medical technology to high precision spot welding in electronics and jewelry industry, to deposit welding in tools, mold making and welding complete car body in automobile construction. The laser welding machine is mainly used for joining different components that need to be joined with high laser welding speeds, low thermal distortion, thin and small weld seams. The possibility to control the quality online during the process, the excellent automatic operation and high laser welding speeds make the laser welding a common joining method in the modern industrial manufacturing. However, new and efficient production processes are often impossible without the advantages of laser technology. So, different sheet metal quality and thickness are turned into tailored blanks by resistance spot welding, which is replaced by laser seam welding. 
  • Q What is a Laser Welding Machine?

    A Laser welding machine is a welding equipment used to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a fiber laser. The fiber laser beam provides a concentrated heat source, which is used for butt joint, spot weld, lap edge, lap joint, lap, seam, T butt, kissing weld, deep welds, narrow welds with high welding rates. The process is frequently used in high volume applications using automation, such as in the automotive industry. It is based on keyhole or penetration mode welding. Fiber lasers can be used for a variety of applications from welding very small parts together commonly used by manufacturing businesses in the engineering, medical and electronics industries, through to welding thicker materials in the automotive and aerospace industries. Fiber lasers are a versatile, low cost way of achieving high quality spot welds. A laser welding machine is also known as laser welder, laser weld machine, laser welder machine, seam welding machine, laser bonding machine, laser brazing machine, laser joining machine, laser soldering machine. 





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