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Laser cutting machine to do a good job

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       As for the previous adjustment, put a piece of paper on the laser head. See if the laser can be in the position of the paper. If not, adjust the laser head above 3, the method is the same as above, until the light energy shoots out from the laser head hole. Put a 10 mm acrylic on the working table of the machine, and then cut a rectangular block with the size of 20x15mm, and then check the perpendicularity of the cut (or directly spot punch to see the perpendicularity).

       If the light out to the left and right, then the need to adjust the laser tube up and down, if the light out before and after the deviation, then need to adjust the laser tube base before and after. If the offset of light is not obvious, just adjust it slightly until it is vertical.

  Adjustment method of laser cutting machine optical path through the above method to stop adjusting the laser cutting machine optical path, so as to better work, the above is the adjustment method of laser cutting machine light path shared by the small editor, I hope it can bring you assistance! It is no less than the output and quality of other brands. With years of laser research and development experience, the product technology is mature, and the quality brand is selected for equipment and machine parts, and the product performance is safe and stable. Wuhan Ruifeng photoelectric laser has been adhering to the "quality, to provide customers with the most quality products.



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