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Laser Marking Machine Operation Procedures

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Turn on the laser marking machine as follows:

7 (2)

1. Check the marking machine's power cord to make it correctly and reliably connected;

2. Insert the key switch, turn to the "on" location 90 degrees clockwise, and turn on the main power supply. The indicator of power is on;

3. Confirm that the pressed condition is the laser head button (emergency stop switch);

4. Turn on the power switch of the computer monitor and the host computer;

5. Rotate the  button in the direction of the arrow to make it pop up to turn on the power of the laser head. It will be activated after about 1 minute.The bald start is completed;

6. Remove the lens cap;

At this time, the laser marking machine is turned on and can accept the operator's command to perform marking operations.

Marking operation

laser marking machine

1. To enter the program, double-click the program labeling icon;

2. Pick a markup file, double-click the date and time of the material you want to alter, and then click OK to complete the update.

Marking test and printing position


1. On the workbench or production line, place a test piece equal to the height of the marking workpiece (it is best to choose the

Test piece), and confirm that the test piece is indeed stable;

2. Mark by operating the marking control software.  In order to make the best marking effect, the following steps can be adjusted:

(1) Adjust the focus by adjusting the lifting device;


lifting device

(2) Adjust power, marking speed and other parameters in the marking software;

(3) Enter the software, double-click to print the date, and drag the mouse up and down to adjust the printing position to an appropriate position.

3. After completing the above steps, you can perform a print test.

Shut down

lens cover

 After the production task is completed, the operation steps for turning off the laser marking machine are as follows:

1. To cut off the laser head's control, press the button (emergency stop switch);

2. After checking that an industrial machine does not run any program, it usually exits and shuts down;

3. Turn the key switch 90 degrees counterclockwise to the "off" position, turn off the main power of the marking machine, and the power indicator will go out;

4. Remove the key and have someone to keep it for the next use;

5. Close the lens cover.


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