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Large picture laser Qingdao Jinnuo machine tool exhibition is in full swing

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       On July 18, 2019, the 22nd Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition opened grandly! In this grand gathering of thousands of manufacturers and customers, the large-scale laser will not be missed, with our exhibition machines: the newly upgraded high-power large cladding plate tube integrated machine and the large cladding plate laser cutting machine. We are already ready!

  On its first day, it was popular. If the machine tool industry is strong, the industry will be strong. Qingdao International machine tool exhibition focuses on the transformation and upgrading needs of intelligent manufacturing, with machine tools as the core, and the exhibition runs through the whole industrial chain of manufacturing industry. Therefore, the application of laser cutting equipment in contemporary industry is particularly important.

  Datu has been adhering to the concept of "service moving customers, quality wins the market" at the exhibition site. Domestic and foreign trade sales personnel have been enthusiastic about every customer visiting the machine, patiently explain and carefully serve.

  Let's look at the wonderful moment of the big picture in the exhibition!



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