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Improve the laser cutting machine's impact output

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1.The impact of adjusting the emphasis location on cutting efficiency.

The spot size is equal to the focal length of the lens after the laser beam has been centered. The spot size is small after beam focusing by the short focal length lens, and the power density at the focus is high, which is good for material cutting. However, it has a flaw in that the depth of concentration is very shallow, and the change margin has been reduced. Small and ideal for cutting thin fabrics at high speeds. Because of its wide focal depth, the telephoto long lens is ideal for cutting dense workpieces as long as it has adequate power density.

2. Auxiliary gas pressure's impact on cutting quality

Auxiliary gas is used to cut materials in general, and the issue is mostly related to the form and strength of the auxiliary gas. The auxiliary gas is usually used to shield the lens from contamination. And blowing the slag out of the cutting zone's rim.

For metal products, handle molten and evaporated materials with air or inert gas while preventing unnecessary cutting zone burning. Many metal laser cutting devices use oxygen.

3. The impact of laser output strength on the efficiency of cutting.

The laser power size and mode would have a significant effect on the cutting with a continuous wave output laser. In practice, setting a higher power to achieve a higher cutting speed or to cut a thicker material is often required.

Focus on the three points if you want to increase the cutting impact.

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