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How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine?

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How to use and maintain fiber laser cutting machine? Before and after operating the fiber laser cutting machine every day, some maintenance work should be done to extend the service life, so how to do the daily maintenance of the fiber laser cutting machine? When using a fiber laser cutting machine to process objects, it is necessary to learn the equipment use and maintenance skills of the fiber laser cutting machine in order to better exert the efficiency of the equipment and maximize the efficiency of the equipment. The head of the technical department of dato Laser will share with you.

1000WSheeLaser Cutting MachineDTF-2513E5

First of all, the operator must be trained, familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and master the knowledge of the operating system. Follow the rules of the cutting machine to operate safely and independently. Of course, if any mechanical equipment wants to be used for a long time, maintenance is the first element. If you don't pay attention to maintenance, the best equipment will not be durable. Then the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine mainly focuses on the following 6 aspects:

1. Maintenance of the lens

Before starting the fiber laser cutting machine, check the mirrors 2, 3 first, and check whether there is dust on the mirror surface or whether the mirror surface is damaged. The maintenance of the lens of the laser cutting machine is very important, and it is critical to ensure the beam quality.

The lens of the laser cutting machine is easily polluted by smoke and dust. It is recommended to clean it once a day before starting to work. Generally, use anhydrous industrial alcohol acetone to clean the lens. Different lens cleaning methods are different. When the mirror surface is flat and there is no lens holder, use lens paper to clean; when the mirror surface is curved or the mirror surface has a lens holder, clean it with a cotton swab.

When using the lens, pay attention to the focusing lens, protective lens, QBH head and other optical surfaces, do not touch directly with your hands to prevent scratches or corrosion of the lens.

2. Maintenance of the cutting head

Before using it every day, check whether the laser is emitted from the center of the nozzle, if not, please re-adjust and calibrate it.
Before cutting, adjust the height of the cutting head to a suitable drilling position.

When cutting, observe whether it is cutting at any time. If it is not cutting, first raise the cutting head by hand and stop cutting, check whether the cutting parameters are correct, whether the nozzle and the protective mirror are damaged, adjust them, and then return to the uncut state, and then continue cutting .
When cutting, observe whether the cutting piece is turned over or up. If so, take over when the cutting head collides with the workpiece. If the plate is not flat, adjust it to a suitable drilling height (3-5mm) at any time.

When cutting, observe whether the cutting head catches fire. If it catches fire, stop cutting, check whether the nozzle is worn out, and judge whether the focus is changing. If it is, increase or decrease the pad according to the situation.

3. Chiller maintenance

The chiller is used as the cooling equipment for the fiber laser cutting machine. The chiller ensures the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine at a constant temperature. Pay attention to the water temperature when working for a long time. It is recommended that the water temperature be below 35 degrees; in winter, prevent the circulating water from freezing to prevent the laser tube from cracking by freezing (antifreeze can be added).

The water inside the chiller needs to be replaced regularly, because long-term use will easily form scale and reduce the cooling effect. Generally, clean the water cooler 1-2 times a month, replace the internal circulating water, and use distilled water without impurities, such as purified water or mineral water. But be careful not to use tap water.

4. Maintenance of rail rack

Each rail rack needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other debris to ensure normal equipment. The rack should be wiped frequently and lubricated to ensure lubrication without debris.

In addition, always check the steel belt to ensure that the steel belt is tight. Regularly check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine, and if it is found to be abnormal, it will be maintained and adjusted in time, usually at an interval of 6 months.

5.Work environment attention

The environment where the machine is located must be polluted, free from interference and influences such as strong electricity and strong magnetism. Pay attention to anti-vibration and anti-loose: The cutting machine is particularly sensitive to vibration. The working environment should be far away from places with vibration sources such as punching machines and heavy objects. It is recommended to install anti-vibration pads and re-reinforce if the connection is loose.

In addition, pay attention to anti-interference and anti-leakage: the electromagnetic environment of the cutting machine mainly includes the surrounding electromagnetic field, the quality of the power supply, and the interference of the signal electrical noise.

6. Daily maintenance requirements

A. Check and clean the workbench every day, and keep the laser and laser cutting machine clean and tidy.

B. Check whether the X, Y, and Z axis can return to the origin every day, and check whether the position of the origin switch striker is offset.

C. Check whether the connecting wire is tight and disconnected every day, and check whether the fan of the control box is normal.

D. Clean the X-axis screws and Y-axis screws every week, and then add oil.

E. Check whether the fixing screws of the lead screw nut are damaged, and whether the joints of the water pipe and the air pipe are damaged or blocked.


Therefore, in order to have a longer service life of the fiber laser cutting machine and higher cutting accuracy, please pay attention to the maintenance of various parts. The 6 main aspects of maintenance shared above, I hope to help you. Of course, if you want to know more about maintenance details, please contact Dato Laser directly!



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