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How to maintain and clean the laser engraving machine?

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At present, because of its powerful engraving and cutting functions, laser engraving machines have been widely used in various fields. Then, how do laser engraving machines need to be maintained and cleaned? Many friends who purchase machines are more concerned about this issue. Today, the manager of the technical management department of Datu Laser will share with you.

First, the maintenance and cleaning of the optical path system

1. Reflector and focusing mirror

After a long time, the reflector will be contaminated by the smoke and dust generated by the processing, and the lens in the focusing lens may be contaminated by the volatiles of the workpiece. When these two are contaminated, the reflectivity will be reduced and the laser output will be affected. They must be kept clean and checked regularly.

2. Lens cleaning method:

Be sure to pay attention to smoke exhaust and air blowing protection during processing, and try to avoid the lens from being contaminated. If the contamination is serious, you can take the following methods to clean it carefully:

A. Remove the blowing tube, pressure ring and protective sleeve, and carefully remove the focusing lens;

B. Use a blowing balloon to blow away the floating dust on the surface of the focusing lens, handle gently;

C. Dip a cotton ball with absolute ethanol or a special lens cleaner and wipe gently. Wipe gently in one direction from the inside to the outside. You need to replace the cotton ball every time you wipe it until the dirt is removed;

D. When installing the focusing lens, be sure to keep the concave surface down.

Note: It is not allowed to rub back and forth, let alone be scratched by sharp objects. Because the lens surface is coated with anti-reflection coating, the damage of the coating will greatly affect the laser energy output.

3. Be sure to check whether the light path is normal before each work.

Because the optical path system of the laser engraving machine is completed by the reflection of the reflector and the focusing of the focusing mirror, there is no problem of offset of the focusing mirror in the optical path, but the three reflectors are fixed by the mechanical part, and the offset may be possible. It’s more sexual, so you need to check it before work.


Second, the maintenance and cleaning of the cooling system

To clean the water tank and replace the water, it is recommended to clean the water tank once a week and replace the circulating water once a week.

Because the water quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube, it is recommended to use pure water or distilled water and keep the water temperature below 35°C. If it exceeds 35°C, the circulating water needs to be replaced, or ice cubes are added to the water to lower the water temperature. Note: Make sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water before the machine works.

Third, the maintenance and cleaning of the movement system

1. Screws and couplings should be firm and maintained in time

After the motion system works for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the motion connection will loosen, which will affect the stability of the mechanical motion. Therefore, during the operation of the machine, it is necessary to observe whether there are abnormal noises or abnormal phenomena in the transmission parts, and if problems are found, they must be strengthened and maintained in time. At the same time, the machine should regularly use tools to tighten the screws one by one. The first firming should be about one month after the equipment is used.

2. Maintenance of guide rails, pulleys, and slides

If the moving parts such as trolley pulleys, slides, and linear guide rails are contaminated or rusted, it will directly affect the processing effect. They should be cleaned regularly and lubricated on the guide rails to prevent rust.

3. Maintenance of bearings

Some bearings need to be refueled regularly (except oil-containing bearings). Wipe off the floating soil on the bearing with a clean soft cloth, suck the oil into the needle tube with a needle tube, and then slowly inject the bearing into the bearing with the needle, and rotate the bearing slowly when filling the oil.

Fourth, inspection and maintenance of daily equipment

1. Check that the equipment is clean and lubricated as a whole;

2. Check whether there are sundries on and around the equipment, and keep the equipment and the surrounding environment clean;

3. The equipment current cannot easily exceed 20A;

4. Whether the mobile phone and strong magnetic objects are close to the galvanometer;

5. Pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise during the operation of the equipment;

6. Do not touch the lens with your hands or other objects;

7. Strictly abide by the power-on and power-off procedures for turning on and off the equipment;

8. If the computer crashes or the software does not respond, immediately turn off the galvanometer switch;

9. Check whether the equipment circuit is well grounded;

10. Check for damaged or missing parts.

It is also very important. When using a laser engraving machine, we must carefully study the use and maintenance skills of the equipment, so that the efficiency of the equipment can be better displayed and the work efficiency of the equipment can be improved to the greatest extent. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the laser engraving machine, we must learn more tips on maintenance and cleaning. Of course, if you want to know more about maintenance details, please contact Datu Laser directly! We are online 7*24 hours, welcome to consult!



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