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How to keep a laser cutting machine safe and in decent working condition

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How to clean and maintain the metal laser cutting machine's different parts:

1. Replacing the revolving water tank and washing it: Before turning on the unit, make sure the laser tubing is full of circulating vapor. The laser tube's service life is directly influenced by the consistency and temperature of flowing water. As a result, flowing water must be replaced and the water tank must be washed on a daily basis. Once a week is a good time to do something.

2. Fan cleaning: Long-term use of the machine's fan accumulates a lot of solid dust in the fan, allowing it to make a lot of noise and making it difficult to vent and deodorize. The fan must be washed if the suction is inadequate and the smoke is not smooth.

3. Lens cleaning: The unit may include some reflectors and focusing lenses. After being absorbed and focused by these lenses, laser light is released from the laser head. Dust and other particles will easily stain the glass, resulting in laser loss or lens harm. As a consequence, you should disinfect your lenses every day.

4. Guide rail cleaning: During the processing of the raw pieces, a significant amount of corrosive dust and smoke will be produced by the machines. For a long time, this smoke and dust will be collected on the surface of the guide rail and longitudinal axis, affecting the equipment's processing accuracy. Huge influence, and corrosion points can form on the surface of the longitudinal axis of the guide rail, limiting the equipment's service life. So, every six months, clean the system rails. Until washing, switching off the unit.

5. Fastening of screws and couplings: After a period of time, the screws and couplings at the motion attachment will become loose, affecting the mechanical motion's stability. As a consequence, keep an eye on the transmission components while the system is running. There is no unusual noise or anomaly, and the issue should be checked and sustained as soon as possible.

6. Optical path inspection: The machine's optical path is accomplished by the reflection of the lens and the focusing of the focusing mirror. The focusing mirror in the optical direction is not offset, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical component and offset. While there is a reasonable risk that there will be no divergence under normal conditions, it is advised that the consumer review the optical path before any job.

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