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How to adjust the marking depth when you use the laser marking machine

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How can you set the depth of the marking on a laser marking machine? This is a concern so many clients have. This post will present it to you today.

The laser labeling unit permanently marks the surfaces of different substances with laser rays. As compared to inkjet printing, laser marking has the following advantages: it can be used for a wide range of uses, and a number of materials (metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, and so on) can be permanently marked with high accuracy. There is no action on the workpiece's top, no mechanical deformation, and no rust on the material's surface.

laser marking machine

Here's a quick rundown of the marking depth correction method:

1. The most direct method of modification is to maximize the laser marking machine's power.

2. Adjust the marking speed: all other parameters stay the same, but the marking speed is slowed and the marking depth is increased.

3. Transforming the field mirror: As a field mirror is transformed into a limited number of field mirrors, the depth of the labeling is often increased.

4. Removal of the field lens: replacing the field lens will also increase the depth of laser lettering.

5. The laser mode has been enhanced, as has the marking depth.

6. Change the laser: by replacing the laser with one with higher intensity, the depth of the laser code printer lettering can be increased directly.

7. Replace parts: upgrade to a better laser marking accessory, such as a semiconductor laser marking system with an imported switch for improved marking depth.

I hope you find this knowledge useful.

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