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How much do you know about laser cutting machines?

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Are you acquainted with laser cutting equipment? The area of laser cutting applications has become more and more extensive with the creation of laser cutting technology, and more and more materials are applicable. But how much do you know about the issues frequently faced by laser cutting machines? How much do you know about the questions below?

1. What is the laser cutting machine's operating principle?

The use of a concentrated high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece is laser cutting, so that the irradiated material melts, vaporizes, ablates or reaches the ignition point rapidly. At the same time, by the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, the molten material is blown out, and the spot is shifted by the CNC mechanical device Irradiate the location to realize a method of thermal cutting to cut the workpiece.

2. Is the operation of a laser cutting machine dangerous?

Laser cutting is a very environmentally friendly form of cutting, and normally there is no damage to the body. Laser cutting produces less dust, poor light and low noise, compared to ion cutting and oxygen cutting. However, it is possible to unintentionally injure someone if you do not follow the right method of action.

3. What are the variables that control the precision of laser cutting machines?

There are many factors influencing the precision of laser cutting, and some are determined by the equipment itself, such as the precision of the mechanical device, the degree of workbench vibration, the quality of the laser beam, the effect of auxiliary gas and the nozzle, etc.; some are inherent material factors, such as the material's physical and chemical properties,Some variables are often chosen according to the particular processing object and user quality specifications, and necessary changes are made to decide the related parameters, such as output capacity, focus location, cutting speed, and the Wait auxiliary gas.

4. What kinds of lasers exist and what are the variations between them?

CO2 lasers, YAG lasers, and fiber lasers are primarily lasers currently used in laser processing and manufacturing. Among them, in confidential processing, high-power CO2 lasers and YAG lasers are commonly used; fiber-based fiber lasers have obvious advantages in reducing thresholds, oscillation wavelength ranges, and wavelength tunable efficiency, and have become emerging technologies in the current laser sector.

5. What is the cutting thickness of the unit for laser cutting?

The thickness of the laser cutting system does not usually exceed 50 mm at present. It has clear advantages for cutting materials with correct measurements below 20 mm compared with other cutting methods. The cutting thickness of the Dato laser has met the current standard.

6. What are the fields of use in laser cutting machines?

Due to its wide cutting range, high cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, good cutting quality, limited heat affected area, and versatile processing, laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive manufacturing, kitchenware industry, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, machinery production, etc. Case cabinet, the development of elevators, exercise equipment and other businesses. The general laser cutting unit, however, is divided primarily into two kinds: metal cutting and non-metal cutting. Mixed cuts are also available. It is possible to use both metal and non-metal, but it's not recommended. Different manufacturers of laser cutting machines produce and concentrate on different types of laser cutting machines.



Opportunities for fiber laser cutting will eventually replace conventional processing techniques in the future and become more effective and faster processing techniques. Dato Laser focuses on the development and production of different metal laser cutting machines and is committed to being a renowned manufacturer of CNC machinery!



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