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How about the application of laser cutting machine in modern architectural aluminum curtain wall?

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Nowadays, laser cutting machine has been widely used in various industries because of its high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic typesetting, saving materials, smooth cutting, and low processing cost. Today, Dato Laser introduces the application of laser cutting machine in modern architectural aluminum curtain wall manufacturing.

Why is the excellent performance aluminum curtain wall the first choice for modern architecture?

1. The processed aluminum curtain wall has good texture, rich and long-lasting color, and the appearance and shape can be diversified;

2. Aluminum curtain wall can be harmoniously combined with glass curtain wall materials and stone curtain wall materials;

3. Aluminum curtain wall is light, only one-fifth of marble and one-third of glass curtain wall, which can greatly reduce the load on the building structure and foundation, and the maintenance cost is low;

4. The aluminum curtain wall is cost-effective, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, has excellent cold and heat resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, does not chalk, does not fade, and has a long service life.

With the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for aluminum curtain walls in public buildings, commercial buildings, and high-end residential buildings has great potential. At the same time, architects have unique ideas for the design patterns and lines of aluminum curtain walls. Traditional hair processing methods cannot be completed at one time, and multiple equipment and processes are required to process them.

However, the flexible laser cutting machine can process any graphics with one device, and the speed and effect are far beyond the traditional technology.


Let's take a look at the application of laser cutting machine in aluminum curtain wall manufacturing:

Take 10-25mm aluminum curtain wall and window grilles as an example.

1. The traditional processing method requires a combination of engraving machine and wire cutting to complete, at least 2 labors, and secondary processing (deburring, oil stain);

The engraving machine cannot make sharp corners, and the cost of wire cutting is high, but the efficiency is very low, and there are restrictions on the size.

2. However, if the Wanwa laser equipment is used for processing, one piece of equipment can be completed at one time, and it can be directly formed without polishing, just one person;

3. The laser cutting machine has fast processing speed, low cost, and good surface finish;

4. The flexibility of laser cutting is very high, and any graphics can be cut. You can design patterns at will, enter the program into the system, and then you can cut according to the graphics, and you can also process various super-sized complex patterns.

5. The accuracy of laser cutting is very high, and the error will not exceed a few tenths of a millimeter. Its processing accuracy is high, and the accuracy of the finished product will be improved accordingly.

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