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Fiber laser metal cutting gas instructions

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Different cutting gases are used depending on the material of the cutting plate by using a fiber laser cutting system. The type of gas and friction used in fiber laser cutting machines has a significant effect on the quality of the machine.

Cutting efficiency as a function of cutting gas and pressure

1) The cutting gas aids in heat dissipation and combustion.

And then blows off to get a better cut part.

2) If the cutting gas pressure is inadequate, melting will occur during the cutting process, and the cutting speed will be insufficient to satisfy the output efficiency.

laser cutting machine gas

3) When the cutting gas pressure is too high, it has an impact on the cutting quality: the cutting surface is rough, the slit is wide, and the cut section is partly molten, making it impossible to shape a successful cutting section.

Perforation as a result of reducing gas pressure.

1) Where the gas pressure is too low, the laser cannot effectively reach the cut layer, which raises punching time and lowers efficiency.

2) If the gas pressure is too great, the penetration point melts and forms a broad melting point, lowering the cutting efficiency.

3) When laser drilling, a higher gas pressure is applied to the thin plate member punching.

Even, for punching the thick plate member, there is a special punching process.

As a result, the downside of low air pressure for lens protection is eliminated.

4) When cutting ordinary carbon steel with a laser cutting system, the thinner the stuff, the lower the cutting gas strain. When cutting stainless steel, the cutting gas pressure rises in proportion to the material thickness. In brief, we must choose the cutting gas and pressure for laser cutting based on the actual cutting scenario.Select various cutting criteria according to the particular circumstances in specific applications.

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