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Cut iron sheet with a fiber laser cutting machine

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Metal laser cnc cutting machine strength, cutting capacity, and cutting thickness range are all different. So, how do you choose its strength? Here, we'll show you how to comprehend the definition.

What is the procedure for using a metal laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting unit for fiber The benefits of a metal laser cnc cutting system are more obvious. It relies on a laser created by a high temperature melting the surface of sheet metal parts by displacement control to achieve the cutting goal. The benefits of laser processing are mostly mirrored. It has a high degree of stability, a short slot, and a flat section without burrs, making it ideal for cutting any complicated graphics workpiece. As a result, for various thicknesses, the impact of power on cutting efficiency and speed is critical.

sheet metal laser cutting machine

Samples of metal laser cutter strength analysis:

Comparison of metal laser cnc cutting system cutting method parameters between 100W and 2000W. If the thickness of the carbon steel is less than 2mm, it is used. The cutting speed of a 1000W computer is about 8 meters per minute at height. Cutting speed is approximately 16 meters per minute by using a 2000W system at full speed; 6mm carbon steel. 1000W machine cutting at 1.6 meters per minute, 2000W machine cutting at 3.2 meters per minute, and so on.

Next, stainless steel, for example, as seen in the figure, 2mm below the maximum speed of a stainless steel 1000W machine cutting about 16 meters per minute, while the maximum speed of a stainless steel 2000W machine cutting about 33 meters per minute; 3mm or so stainless steel 1000W machine cutting the maximum speed of about 1.4 meters per minute, while the maximum speed of a stainless steel 2000W machine cutting the maximum speed of about 33 meters per minute; As compared to the opposite 1000W and 2000W fiber laser cutting machines, it is obvious that the 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is obviously the more sensible choice.

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