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Common failures of laser cutting machine nozzles and how to choose nozzles?

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In the field of laser cutting industry, the laser cutting machine is the main equipment, which performs cutting processing by emitting a laser beam. In this process, the nozzle is a component that cannot be ignored. Although the nozzle is not eye-catching, it plays an important role. If the nozzle is overheated, blocked, slagging, etc. it will directly affect the cutting quality and effect of the laser cutting machine, and then affect the productivity and benefits of our customers. So, today Dato Laser will share with you 3 common nozzle failures, and how should we choose nozzles?

Situation 1: Nozzle heats up

Reasons for the heating of the nozzle of the laser cutting machine:

1. Check whether the cooling air (cooling water) of the laser nozzle is turned on and whether it meets the requirements;

2. The laser focusing optical path may be offset, and part of the laser is irradiated on the nozzle;

3. The diameter of the laser nozzle is partially blocked or contaminated.

The nozzles of the laser cutting machine are hot, and the following measures can be taken to solve them:

1. Check whether the cooling air is turned on, and turn it on when it is not turned on;

2. Check whether the focus is correct, adjust it if it is not correct;

3. Check if the nozzle is clogged, clean it if it is clogged;

4. Don't work continuously for a long time, let the equipment cool down regularly.

Fault 2: The nozzle is clogged

Reasons for the nozzle clogging of the laser cutting machine:

1. Improper nozzle selection or poor maintenance

If the nozzle diameter is not suitable, it will cause nozzle contamination or damage; or due to poor roundness of the nozzle or partial blockage caused by hot metal splashing, eddy currents will be formed in the nozzle, resulting in significantly worse cutting performance.

2. The nozzle temperature is too low

If the nozzle temperature is low, it may be that the nozzle is in contact with the cold mold for a long time during the fixed feeding and loses heat, or the nozzle heating ring is insufficiently heated or has poor contact resulting in low temperature of the material, which may block the feeding channel of the mold.

3. The diameter of the inner hole of the nozzle is not suitable

If the nozzle is too small, due to the small flow diameter, the specific volume of the strip will increase, which will easily be cooled, block the feed channel or consume injection pressure; if the nozzle is too large, the flow cross-sectional area will be large, and the unit area pressure of the plastic will be low. The formation of a small shooting force.

4. The nozzle is not cleaned for a long time

If the nozzle is working for a long time without cleaning, it will accumulate ash layer and slag in the nozzle mouth, which will cause blockage and the laser head cannot work normally.


1. Choose the appropriate nozzle diameter according to the thickness of the processed material. Generally, nozzles of φ1.5mm and below are used for cutting plates below 3mm, and φ2.0mm nozzles are used for plates above 3mm.

2. Check and clean the nozzle after daily work. If it affects the use, replace with a new nozzle in time.


Defect 3: Nozzle often hangs slag

Reasons for the dregs on the nozzle of the laser cutting machine:

The dregs on the nozzle of the laser cutting machine usually appear during perforation, because the cut sheet does not penetrate and sparks run up.


1. Pay attention to adjust the laser beam to the center of the cutting nozzle, don't polarize the light, the dregs will be very serious if it is polarized;

2. Pay attention to the ratio of pressure adjustment when perforating.

How to choose the nozzle of the laser cutting machine? We should pay attention to the following points:

1. The size of the nozzle:

We have to choose the nozzle size according to the thickness of the metal sheet to be cut. The aperture of the nozzle controls the flow of gas and the shape of the gas field, which is very important for cutting quality.

Generally, when using a laser cutting machine to cut thin plates below 3mm, it is recommended to choose a nozzle with a diameter of 1mm, and a nozzle with a diameter of 1.5mm is recommended for a thickness of 3mm or more. For cutting metal sheets of 10mm or more, nozzles with a diameter of 2mm or more are generally selected.

2. Nozzle material

For a good nozzle, the material must have high electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity. Generally, a copper nozzle is better than a brass nozzle, which can ensure a good capacitance signal.

3. The processing accuracy of the nozzle

A good laser head nozzle should have a concentricity of 0.03mm, and a nozzle with a size of 1.0mm or less should have a concentricity of 0.02mm. The high-precision concentric nozzles can not only reduce the pre-adjustment during the processing, but also effectively prevent the high-energy laser from hitting the inner wall of the laser head, thereby avoiding damage to the laser head.

4. The surface finish and anti-oxidation treatment of the nozzle

The smooth surface and good anti-oxidation treatment can effectively reduce the adhesion of melt during the cutting process and extend the service life of the nozzle.


It should be noted that when faced with a sudden failure of the laser cutting machine equipment, whether it is a nozzle or other failures, we must remain calm. No matter what the working state of the laser cutting machine is, the first thing we do is to turn off the power immediately. Then analyze and troubleshoot the fault. Let me share so much today. If you have any other questions, please contact Dato Laser.



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