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CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine - datolaser

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Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people who specialize in the development of wooden artware or other items. With the rapid advancement in technology, many of them opt for a CO2 laser cutting and engraving system to complete their work.

To provide you with more details about the CO2 laser cutting and engraving unit. Here I'll share some information with you.

What is the machine's capability?

Stone, leather, pvc, plastic, and other materials can be sliced and engraved using a CO2 laser cutting and engraving unit.

CO2 laser cutting machine

Is there a safeguard in place for the machine?

Our machine has cover protection (if the front cover is opened, the laser will stop working), emergency stop switch (in an emergency, you can automatically click to turn off the machine's power), cooling system protection (if the laser tube cooling system has a malfunction, the laser will stop working), and all doors on the machine can be closed with a key, making it more stable and comfortable.

Is it possible to increase the power simply by using a high-power power supply or by replacing a laser tube with a higher power?

No, the laser power source and laser tubing must all be replaced at the same time.

A laser power supply of 60 watts, for example, will only sustain the work of a laser tube rated at 60 watts. If you just change the 80watt laser power supply without removing the accompanying laser tube, the 60w laser tube will experience a current strain that will shorten its life. Make an impression. On the other hand, if you switch to an 80watt laser tube without removing the corresponding laser power supply, the low current can make it difficult to drive the laser tube. In addition, if you upgrade to a higher-wattage laser power supply and laser hose, you'll need to upgrade the chiller as well.It's also worth thinking about whether the laser tube box will accommodate a higher-wattage laser tube.

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