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CO2 laser cutter& engraver

Drive system with high precision linear guide and slide block, high precision ,wearresistance, small resistance, high speed;arc-gear synchronous belt 3m,stabletransmission, strong shock absorption ability and small noise.
Red cross accurate position, convenient and quick in finding engraving and cutting position.
Equipment with automatic / manual modulation focused laser head, responsive andaccurate to ensure sculpture quality.
$1800.00 - $3500.00 / Set

Engraving Speed: 0-20000mm/min

Control System: RDCAM / DSP Control System
Laser output power: 130W/150W/180W/300W
$1700.00 - $3000.00 / Set

Engraving Speed: 0-25000mm/min

Min. Engraving Size English Letter: 0.8*0.8mm
Laser output power: 40W/60W
$1,800.00 - $2600.00 / Set

Engraving Speed: 0-20000mm/min

Min. Engraving Size English Letter: 1.0mm*1.0mm

Laser output power: 80W/100W/130W/150W

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