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CO2 Laser cutting is very safe and effective

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CO2 Laser cutting is a very safe and effective way to cut a wide range of products including acrylic, plastic, fabric, textiles, wood, leather, MDF and more.

For different consumers, Dato laser launched new and old equipment with various styles.

The here are the features of a new machine

1. RDCAM 6445G control system:

Can be related to a computer, capital employed patterns, and remote operation.

RDCAM control system

2. Belt transmission: The fastest speed, the lowest accuracy

Rack and pinion transmission: The stability is the best, and the accuracy is about the same as the lead screw

Ball screw transmission: The highest precision, the slowest speed

Belt transmission

3. Two Wave filter:

One for the laser power supply anti-interference, one for the switching power supply anti-interference

Wave filter

4. Machine weight:

Housing material with good material

5. Up-down:

Reduced smoke and dust attached to the lead screw and the long-term accuracy is not high, the life-span factor is reduced

6. New model has a hollow back: The machine parts(Air pump/Exhaust fan/water chiller) can be placed behind, saving a lot of space

7. Three suction outlets:

Three suction ports, the best smoking effect.

8. Three USB port:

Two USB interfacs   A network port

9. Intensive blade table:

Can process hard material and soft material, material is hard, detachable, prevent the sag of the material.

10.Fully enclosed in the processing process:

Effectively reduce smoke and dust

11.Switch :

The new model have each independent switch of the exhaust fan and air pump, and water chiller,and switch accord European and American national safety standards.


12. A red dot pointer demonstrates the engraving point and the route, to help you get the perfect spot and scale for your artifact.


13. There are four detachable wheels in which you can use to push this laser cutter around comfortably.

14.Fourth, but not least, whereas the version needs with applications, sources claim that it wasn't worth the bother, and recommend upgrading K40 whisperer and Inkscape instead.

Laser engraving seems to be a rather bit similar to laser cutting, but the power of the laser beam is minimized in order to leave mostly a label on the surface of the material rather than cut it all the way around.

Laser cutting (and engraving) is an amazing development that has more than established its effectiveness. Best of all, it's convenient to everyone these days, via either foreign suppliers or laptop equipment.

If you want positive return on investment, the laser system is a good option.

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