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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry

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Stainless steel kitchenware is widely favored by the market for its corrosion resistance, aesthetic and practical, the traditional sheet metal processing process is tedious, time-consuming, high labor cost, unable to meet the market demand.With the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the kitchen and bathroom products manufacturing industry has brought a technological innovation.

The cutting and molding of stainless steel materials, the carving of patterns on metal surfaces, etc., can be automatically programmed by optical fiber laser cutting machine.Different from traditional processing methods, laser cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting end face and no secondary processing.

In addition, it cannot be ignored that the laser cutting and processing method saves a lot of costs for enterprises.On the one hand, laser cutting without mold and tool, greatly saving the cost of mold opening.On the other hand, it is no exaggeration to say that a traditional processing plant may take 10 people 10 days to complete the product, using a laser cutting machine only takes one person 1 day.

In the pursuit of personalized era, laser cutting technology also well meet the needs of kitchen and bathroom products market customization.Shorter production cycle, no need to make mold, reduce the time cost of mold opening, no need for secondary processing of surface burr processing, proofing can quickly achieve mass production after no problem.

In order to kitchen the most mainstream sheet metal material 304, 306 stainless steel material, they are widely used in such as lampblack machine panel, fuel panel and other products, the thickness is generally thinner, within the range of 0.7-2mm, this stainless steel sheet material suitable for the lower power optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting.For thicker material such as water pool panel products, can use 2000W or more power of optical fiber laser cutting machine for processing.

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